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Gemini Accident Repairs are celebrating International Women’s Day!

As we take the time to celebrate International Women's Day, Gemini ARC proudly stands with the remarkable women who contribute to our industry. In the space of automotive, accident repair, and related industries, traditionally they are male-dominated.

We are taking the chance to challenge stereotypes and acknowledge the substantial contributions of women. It’s important to recognise that some of our most talented individuals are women, with women representing over 23% of management and diverse job roles within Gemini.


International Women’s Day allows us to shine a spotlight on the accomplishments on women in our industry. The women at Gemini represent a wealth of talent across various departments, contributing to our collective success in diverse ways. From leadership roles, customer service, and multiskilled apprentices, these women showcase the depth of skills that drive our company forward. We are committed to actively investing in training initiatives, apprenticeship programmes, and leadership skills to empower women, fostering their success in new roles and advancing their careers within the industry.


Gemini has welcomed International Women’s Day, standing in solidarity with women worldwide, celebrating their achievements, resilience, and contributions to our shared progress. As we honour the past and present accomplishments of women, we also look forward to a future where gender equality is not just a goal but a reality. We will continue to empower, support, and uplift women, ensuring that every day is a day to celebrate their strength and achievements.


“In the future, there will be no women leaders, just leaders”.

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