Collect and Deliver

When the vehicle comes on site by recovery or bringing the vehicle in for repair, we may be handing a courtesy car over to you, so relevant hire paperwork needs to be completed. You will be required to submit a drivers license number for a courtesy car.

Courtesy Vehicles

Our goal is to keep you mobile and get you going as quickly as possible, so most policies will give you access to a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired. Please feel free to discuss your requirements, we could offer you a like for like size vehicle subject to circumstances.

Air Conditioning

It is a recommended procedure to be carried out at 3 year intervals and can increase fuel efficiency, as an empty system drives the air conditioning compressor harder using more fuel.

From £70 plus VAT

Alloy Wheels

Are your alloys scuffed and marked? Why not have them refurbished while your car is off the road, it will make a massive improvement on the vehicles appearance and can help the valuation if you are changing the vehicle.

As little as £45 plus VAT.

Number Plates

Most road traffic collisions require replacing either of the number plates. Why not discuss having a matching pair fitted? Your vehicle could fail an MOT test if the plates are defective, so there's no more convenient opportunity to have them replaced.

Only £11.50 plus VAT.

Wheel Alignment

Cars today pick up bumps along its life, often steering alignment can be disturbed by potholes and curbs causing excessive tyre wear and even mechanical damage. Why not have it checked over on our laser alignment measuring equipment. It could aid the safety of your vehicle.

Valet Service

Gemini ARC will wash and hoover every vehicle after repair. Why not go the extra mile and enquire into our mini valet service?

Only £15 plus VAT.

Free Estimate

No matter how significant the damage may be, please feel free to drop in and see our skilled estimators. They can advise you on costs for paintwork, panel work and parts all at the touch of button.