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4th Year of AutoRaise Rally Participation!

Gemini Accident Repairs Embark on the 4th Year of AutoRaise Rally Participation!

Gemini Accident Repair Centres has partnered again with AutoRaise to take part in the famous AutoRaise Rally for the fourth year. Following the resounding success of the 2022 AutoRaise Rally which saw significant fundraising results, Gemini will once again take part with the aim of promoting AutoRaise and supporting driving change in the industry for another year.

This year Gemini is entering an impressive fleet of 15 vehicles in line with the theme of ‘15 years of Gemini’ to celebrate the business’s journey from 2008 – 2023. Each vehicle has been assigned a specific year within this timeframe, and Managers from across the group will be creatively dressed, along with their rally vehicles sporting a monumental event from that particular year they are assigned. All rally vehicles are made ‘rally-ready’ by Gemini’s team of apprentices and mentors at sites across the group which demonstrate the skillset and capabilities of the apprentices. This year’s rally car designs include the 2019 ‘Spice World’ theme, 2020 ‘Covid-19’ theme, 2023 ‘King’s Coronation’ theme, and much more, the vehicles will be guaranteed to catch spectators’ attention.

As part of the rally, 80 participants from across the Accident Repair and Automotive industry, 28 of whom are from the Gemini group will be taking part in the rally, traveling over 330 miles across the picturesque East Anglia and the Lincolnshire Wolds (AONB) with an aim to break the fundraising barrier for the charity for another year.  The entire Gemini team is eagerly anticipating the AutoRaise Rally event which starts from Lotus HQ track in Hethel on Thursday 6th September 2023.

Gemini’s participation in the AutoRaise Rally is driven by its deep commitment to raising awareness and donations for a charitable cause that is imperative to the Vehicle repair industry. AutoRaise plays a pivotal role in introducing new apprentices to the industry and nurturing them into highly qualified talented employees, ensuring a bright future for generations to come. Gemini are great advocates for apprenticeships and training programmes and has to date enrolled over 100 apprentices across the group.

AutoRaise Chairman and Gemini Managing Director David Sargeant said “We are delighted to support the AutoRaise rally for another year running. There is a real importance to promoting AutoRaise as a charity and pushing the good they do in and around this industry, bringing the industry together. The rally is an excellent way to generate as much influence as possible and accelerate AutoRaise’s fundraising. There is a real buzz and enthusiasm shown at the rallies with every individual excited about making a change for the better in support of a new generation! I am looking forward to hearing all about the 2023 rally and hope it is yet another success.”

Last Years Rally!

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