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Gold membership awarded to GEMINI ARC

Gold membership awarded to GEMINI ARC Gemini ARC have received a gold award win for demonstrating their support, commitment and dedication to the next generation of young industry talent.

Gemini ARC are a proud member of the 5% Club, an industry-led campaign that aims to support the careers of young people across the country. Its new Employer Recognition Scheme, The Employer Audit, determines whether a company has met the criteria for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Status. To be a member, a minimum of 5% of the total workforce must be on “earn as you learn” schemes such as apprenticeships, trainee courses or Graduate schemes. Gemini are pleased to announce that they are exceeding the criteria figure for a gold membership, with a massive 14% of the workforce being Apprentices.

Gemini ARC were invited to the House of Lords to collect their gold Award on Wednesday 8th December 2021, following an external “Employer Audit” by ‘The 5% Club’ for the years, 2021-2022. Dave Sargeant, Gemini ARC Managing Director in attendance, commented; “We’re delighted to become part of the 5% Club. As an employer, we recognise how important it is to support young talent. We currently have 90 apprentices on board, and they are a key part of our talented group of people. We continue to recruit apprenticeships each year in partnership with Emtec Colleges and are currently looking to invest into further learning and development schemes. We have several up-coming stars in our industry who are all on apprenticeships, we also have many Managers and Heads of Departments who all started out as apprentices, and therefore at Gemini we recognise the importance of learning schemes and investing in young talent.”

Phil Coleman, Gemini ARC, Financial Director added, “It is an exciting time for Gemini ARC with being awarded Gold member status of the 5% club, as this reflects the importance that Gemini ARC places on effectively recruiting, educating and retaining young people and supporting ‘earn and learn’ schemes. Furthermore, only 57 other employers met the high standard required for the Gold Award this year and it is great for our efforts to be recognised.”

Mark Cameron OBE, Chief Executive at The 5% Club, said, “It is fantastic that in these challenging times, so many companies are able to commit to the Employer Audit and gain credit for their efforts, and that the majority are striving to expand their schemes over the coming years. Their efforts and achievements are to be applauded.”

Gill Cronin, Director of Operations at The 5% Club added: “Having seen The Club grow to more than 600 members, I am always impressed at the commitment, drive and energy our members channel into offering “earn and learn” skills opportunities. To now see so many of these members gain bronze, silver and gold accredited membership of The Club is inspiring and demonstrates how these companies are all contributing to the future of skills in our economy.”

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