Workplace Values

Our Values

At Gemini Accident Repair Centres, we make a difference. We are pioneering in the field of accident
repair, and our slogan, ‘fresh approach to accident repair’, is embedded throughout our entire
organisation. We take pride in repairing vehicles with thorough care and attention, using the latest
technologies, advancements, and environmental commitments, always keeping the customer in mind.

For any business to succeed, it must cultivate the right culture, one that its people not only share but fully
embrace and exemplify in their actions. This is the essence of the Gemini Accident Repair Centres

Every Individual Matters

Be true to yourself and respect others. Remember that together, we can achieve more and there is no ‘I’
in team.

Gemini Accident Repair Centres is committed to valuing and promoting diversity in all areas of
recruitment, employment, training, and promotion. Gemini Accident Repair Centres will work towards an
environment that is based on inclusiveness, where all employees can develop their full potential,
irrespective of their race, gender, marital status, age, disability, religious belief, political opinion, or sexual


We aim to be a brand underpinned by excellence, that excels in repairing vehicles.

We not only serve our customers but also our colleagues to help foster a culture of quality throughout the organisation, reflected in our multi-award winning, national position.

Honesty & Integrity

We operate with mutual collaboration and respect.
We exist to serve our customers and our partners, ensuring everything we do is reinforced by honesty
and respect.

Loyalty & Gratitude

Always operating with loyalty and gratitude in mind. Loyal employees are more engaged, productive, and
committed to achieving organisational goals.

Showing appreciation strengthens relationships and enhances a positive workplace culture, filtered down
to performance.

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